Adept Lynx High Accuracy Positioning System

The Lynx mobile robot excels at self-navigating throughout your facility. However, some applications require that the vehicle stops with a well-defined repeatability, especially when the vehicle payload needs to interface with conveyors, feeders or test equipment to offload or on load cargo. For these applications, the Lynx High Accuracy Positioning System (HAPS) option provides the capability to consistently move through a defined space with enhanced precision and/or precisely stop at predefined goal.

By leveraging magnetic tape affixed to the floor in front of a goal and a HAPS sensor underneath the vehicle, the Lynx mobile robot is able to smoothly transition onto the path defined by the tape. The robot can then sense markers placed along the path and align itself precisely at the defined stopping locations.

Unlike AGV’s which require magnetic tape to guide all of their motion, the Lynx mobile robot can enter and depart a magnetic tape path at any point. This unique capability enables the Lynx vehicle to transition between natural feature navigation and magnetic tape guidance.

The vehicle can also drive along the path accurately in both forward and reverse when configured with a dual sensor configuration. The Lynx High Accuracy Positioning System option opens up a whole new world of precision motion for the Lynx mobile robot product family.
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  • Every Adept Lynx vehicle can be outfitted with HAPS
  • Field retrofittable

  • Single or dual sensor options, enable forward or forward/reverse motions
  • Can be used for line following and accuracy on specific paths
Lynx Benefits

  • Software is easy to setup and configure
  • Settling time is reduced while maintaining precision of motion
  • Repeatability is improved at goals