Parallel Robot (Delta Robot) Overview

The Adept Quattro parallel robot (delta robot), which is Adept's latest robotic product offering, is the continuation of Adept’s market-leading position in high-speed manufacturing, packaging and assembly robots. The Adept Quattro parallel robot is the next stage in the development of "picker" robots, specifically designed for high-speed manufacturing, packaging and assembly applications. The Quattro parallel robot compliments an already-impressive line of Adept robots, including the tabletop Cobra SCARA robots, a suite of 6-axis, articulated-arm Viper robots, and the Python linear modules. The Adept Quattro parallel robot is available with Adept's vision software and integrated controls for high-speed, reliable manufacturing, packaging and assembly. With the addition of the Adept Quattro parallel robot, Adept continues to meet the needs of this ever-growing global market.

The Adept Quattro parallel robot is designed for integrators and end-users who require ultra-high-speed mechanisms integrated with intelligent vision technology for high-speed, reliable packaging, manufacturing and assembly applications. In contrast to traditional delta and picker robots, the Adept Quattro is the worlds first parallel robot system that is based on an innovative four-parallel-arm concept. The Quattro parallel robot mechanism enables the highest speeds and accelerated motion for quick packaging of food products, plus high payloads, which are not achievable with previous delta robot and traditional picker robot arms. Compared to existing picker robot, delta robot and parallel robot systems, the Adept Quattro parallel robot offers higher speeds, heavier payloads at high speed, more consistent performance across the robot's work envelope, and an extensive working range. These features make the Adept Quattro s650H parallel robot (delta robot) the ideal robot for your high-speed manufacturing, assembly, and product-packaging applications.