The Adept MicroV+™ operating system and language used with the Adept Cobra™ i600/Cobra i800 robots. The Adept Cobra i600/i800 is the first self-contained SCARA robot with an onboard controller. The controllers used with both products are embedded into the mechanism, with a processor executing all required processes, including application code, trajectory planning, and servo processing.
Products running MicroV+ are designed for entry-level, industrial robot applications, such as pick-and-place, machine tending, or part transfer. These applications do not require the full capability of the V+™ programming language. Therefore, MicroV+ has a reduced command set to better address the needs of these applications.

Product Features

  • Pick-and-place
  • Machine tending

  • Part transfer
  • and more
  • Adept Cobra i-Series robot
  • User-supplied PC for Adept DeskTop interface