Client Case Studies - Consumer Electronics

Application Summary
Application: Electrical Assembly
Industry: Consumer Electronics
Products used: Cobra 600 SCARA
Customer: Siemens
Integrator: Metro Automation, Inc.
In the telecom industry, the average life of a phone is 18 months or less, which leads to very short product lifecycles. In order to stay competitive in this fast-changing market, Siemens Communication Devices faces the challenge of retooling its operations to handle the demand for new products rapidly.
Adding to the challenge is the fact that the process of retooling can take up to 4 months and cost up to $100,000.
Adept paired with Siemens and Metro Automation, Inc., to develop the "Flex Cell". The general design of the Flex Cell is a machine base on a caster with a robot in the middle, receiving parts from several feeding mechanisms mounted around it.
This cell can be moved to the final assembly line where it replaces a manual assembly station. Each robot can handle the placement of several parts, and these tasks will be coordinated with the manual operations on the same line.
Each cell will be set up in different configurations depending on the current needs of the product. When the products change, Siemens only needs to reprogram the robots, and change the end effectors or the feeding mechanisms which brings the unit back into operation very quickly.