Client Case Studies - Medical Devices

Application Summary
Application: Packaging
Industry: Medical Devices / Pharmaceutical
Products used: Cobra 800 SCARA
SmartController CX
Hexsight Machine Vision Library
Customer: Fresenius Kabi Deutschland
Integrator: Erhardt+Abt
Fresenius Kabi Deutschland (FKD) wanted to increase the throughput and quality of their packaging line for medical infusion bags. FKD's throughput requirements were such that the conveyor had to run at 10m/min.
However, at such a pace, with the great amount of bags on the conveyor, it was obvious that a single robot would not be enough. In addition, bags had to be inspected and the good ones picked up with the right orientation to be placed in the boxes correctly.
FKD relied on experienced Adept systems integrator, Erhardt+Abt, to come up with a high-performance innovative solution. The integration work resulted in a line featuring a flexible PC-based vision system using Adept HexSight software library and four Adept Cobra s800 robots in a load-balancing configuration.
FKD acknowledged that Adept features such as durability, speed, unique conveyor tracking capabilities, and quality of the vision system that locates the bags quickly and accurately, all contributed to build a reliable and high performance application. Throughput requirements were achieved thanks to cycle times of less than two seconds, combined with a load-balancing program on the vision system that ensures that all robots consistently share the workload.
The user interface PC allows the operator to change both PC-based vision system and motion control programs to quickly reconfigure the application. The Adept HexSight-based vision system and Adept motion controllers seamlessly convert information on the accurately located bags to the efficient robot movements.