Advanced Robot Maintenance

This course covers the advanced repair procedures for the AdeptOne and AdeptThree robots, including encoder replacement. Students will learn to isolate problems on the robot and make quick repairs so that down time is minimized. Students will learn the major component systems of the robot and how to troubleshoot those systems.
Hands-on experience is stressed, including printed circuit board swaps and encoder/servo loop troubleshooting techniques. The course includes hands on repairs, encoder replacement and robot calibration using tools and software from the Self-Support Package. This course is intended for maintenance personnel who will be responsible for maintenance and repair of the Adept robot.

  • Multibus System Maintenance OR
  • MV Controller Maintenance AND
  • AdeptOne-AdeptThree Robot Maintenance
Major Topics
  • Analyze electronic signals from the robot
  • Replace Joint 1, 2, 3, and 4 encoders
  • Adjust the encoder backlash
  • Execute the utility and test software
  • Perform course and fine calibrations
  • Set the motor commutation reference
This course is taught using AdeptOne Robots and Adept MV Controllers with V+ version 12 software. The majority of the material will be of value to clients using the AdeptOne and AdeptThree Robots with Adept MV or Multibus controllers.
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