AIM MotionWare with Vision

The MotionWare with Vision course covers the additional features of MotionWare that are added with the vision option. Students will learn to set up vision tools for inspections and for vision guided applications. This course covers the integration of the robot, conveyor, and vision subsystems. Realistic applications are stressed and students are encouraged to bring their own parts. This course is intended for personnel who will be developing the work cell, maintaining the installation and operating the system.

  • AIM MotionWare User's Course
Major Topics
  • Imaging strategies
  • Robot-to-camera calibration
  • Vision tools
  • Robot-mounted camera applications
  • Area-mounted camera applications
  • Moving conveyors and vision guidance
  • Inspection and robot guided sequences
  • Vision results
  • Application strategies
This course is taught using AIM version 4.1 software. The majority of material will be of value to clients with AIM software from 3.0 through 4.x.
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